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Why Rent from Cruise America

The Recognized Leader in RV Vacation Rentals

Why should you rent an RV from Cruise America? Well, how much time do you have? There are so many reasons to choose us for your next RV rental adventure, that it’s kind of the obvious choice… at least to us. Here are a few things to consider.

More Than 45 Years

RV Rental Experience


of service

45 Years of RV Rental Experience

With more than 45 years of experience in the RV rental industry, we’ve been around the block, quite literally. As the nation’s largest RV rental firm, Cruise America has 128 locations in 33 states and five Canadian provinces. We help hundreds of thousands of travelers from around the world plan their RV trips every year - from choosing the right vehicle to mapping out their journey and choosing the amenities they’ll need along the way. Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer any and all questions you might have, like, where to find a campground or how to plan your cross-country road trip.

We Rent Customized RV VEHICLES

At Cruise America, we don’t just purchase any ol' RVs. Each Cruise America RV rental is custom-manufactured to our exacting specifications to be as safe, comfortable and as reliable as possible. Our customers tend to drive to remote places, so we want to be sure they can make it there safe and sound. Each year we add new vehicles to our fleet, making updates and modifications to designs and materials based on customer feedback, leading to the creation of many of the safety and user-friendly features on our RVs.

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Cruise America Provides Reliability

Driving an RV rental might seem intimidating at first, but Cruise America vehicles are actually very simple (and fun) to use, especially with our reliable support team. When you arrive at Cruise America to pick up your vehicle, we’ll guide you through an orientation, watching a video and learning the ins and outs of the RV’s features. We’ll answer any questions you have, making sure you feel confident before you hit the road. We also offer a free mobile app you can download to help you find destinations, campsites, and troubleshooting issues, all within the app. Our renter’s assistance resources are assessable online with instructions on your rental RV’s equipment and appliances. Of course, if you have to talk to an actual person, you can call us 24/7 at our traveler’s assistance line, 800-671-8042.

The Benefits of Renting a Class C RV

The benefits to you, the customer, operating a cabover motorhome from Cruise America compared to a bus style motorhome.

  • It has more real sleeping capacity than a "bus" style motorhome, due to the spacious queen size cabover bed. Two full beds are ready to use immediately without folding down or adjusting interior furniture.
  • With more sleeping capacity, allows a family to rent a smaller sized cabover motorhome at lower rental rates, saving family vacation dollars. Plus, mileage rates are generally lower with a cabover motorhome.
  • Is much easier to drive, park, and maneuver in tight areas such as campgrounds. This feature is very important for the 1st time renter. Our customers report feeling more comfortable and familiar with driving the more "automatic" cabover motorhome.
  • As per our internal statistics, is less prone to accidents involving third parties and to vehicle damage. We know since we formerly rented "bus" style motorhomes.
  • Sports better fuel economy than an equivalent bus style motorhome – up to 15 percent better.
  • Is easier to handle and drive in windy conditions due to lower overall vehicle profile. All renters really appreciate this feature!

  • It has easier access with three separate entry doors, compared to one door commonly found on bus style motorhomes.
  • With less interior volume to cool in the cab area during summer travel, has better driving comfort, as reported by customers. Uses less generator time to power the roof A/C, and consequently experiences less fuel expense.
  • Has higher, more reliable, chassis factory component content that means less interruption, and is generally easier to maintain and keep on the road. For example, a rock hits the windshield while driving, a cabover motorhome's windshield is simple and easy to replace at thousands of nationwide service outlets. Bus style windshields are not readily available over the road. Same conditions apply to service items, such as windshield wiper blades.
  • As a "van" based RV, has more readily available over the road service, as are service part items such as filters, belts, headlights, and other cab related items more readily available.
  • With lower profile, has easier entry/egress to vehicle along with the convenience of driver and passenger cab doors.
  • It is quieter when driving, as the cab area "insulates" driver and passenger from over the road noise.