Troubleshooting Videos

  • By plugging the RV into a 120V power source at a camp ground, or running the onboard generator, you may run the air conditioning, microwave and electrical outlets.

  • Your motorhome has two 12V batteries. The primary battery, located under the hood, provides power to the ignition system. The secondary battery powers the motorhomes amenities.

  • With your campsite water hookup, you’ll have an unlimited supply of pressurized fresh water for bathing, washing and toilet flushing.

  • The dump hose is used for removing waste water from the motorhome when the storage tanks are full. Purpose built dump stations can be found at camp sites and truck stops on your route.

  • If the primary battery under the hood is low on power, you may have trouble getting the engine to start. If the engine won’t turn over, there is an Emergency Start button to the left of the steering column.

  • The air in the vehicles furnace is heated by burning propane gas. A blower, pulling power from the 12V auxiliary power, then circulates the air.