Long Term RV Rental

RVs For Temporary Housing Needs

Companies and organizations often have needs for temporary mobile housing units after a natural disaster or for other reasons. Often, a large quantity of mobile housing units are needed in a hurry. Cruise America, with a company owned fleet of 4,000 rental RVs, is your "go-to" supplier for these emergency mobile housing needs. We can make more rental RVs available in more areas of North America than any other legitimate RV rental company. And, we understand commercial applications are totally different than renting an RV for leisure use. Cruise America is your real source for temporary mobile housing.

A separate Commercial Rental desk has been established to cater to your special requirements. Contact us at commrent@cruiseamerica.com.

Individuals and families often need RVs for temporary housing as well. Waiting for a home construction or remodeling, while "tenting" a home, for attending special events involving shared housing, or for use during One Way household moving. What better way to take drudgery out of household moving than to stay overnight in full amenity campgrounds rather than bleak motels.

RVs For Business Uses

In everyday business operations, companies and organization often use RVs for multiple reasons. Off site mobile offices at construction sites, at Christmas tree lots, at company gatherings, for field survey teams, for crews accompanying over the road shipments of sensitive materials, for musical and theatrical groups, event staff, and promoters at remote venues, for exhibiting at trade shows. The need for RVs in commercial applications is endless.

And think of business travelers, whether in groups attending a nearby convention or the sales person making calls on the road, hauling inventory. They love the convenience and economy of traveling by RV. Why hassle with airport parking and waiting in line for a flight that's late, when you and your colleagues can take an RV to the meeting and actually discuss business on the way?

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