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MAAP Healthcare Online Course Terms & Conditions –

Enrollment Agreement and Disclosure Statement

As a MAAP Healthcare student, I understand that this course is for individual use only. I understand that my course start date is considered to be the same date as my course purchase date, and that I must finish the course within the allotted time for each individual course in which I enroll (individual course timeframe listed on course information page of MAAP Healthcare website). I understand that if I do not finish the course in the allotted timeframe I will be cancelled from the course unless I choose to purchase a course extension for $29.95 per month. I understand that MAAP Healthcare recommends certain courses or experience level prior to enrollment as noted in the course information (where applicable) and that adhering to these recommendations may determine my successful completion of the course.

I understand that I must make my first payment immediately upon enrollment in the monthly payment plan option. Training materials will not be shipped and access to the learning platform will not be granted until the initial payment is made. The second payment will be due 30 days after the initial payment and then every 30 days thereafter until the balance is paid in full. Payment term options will be based on length of the course selected. The full amount due can be paid initially if desired, or at any time after enrolling in the payment plan option by contacting MAAP Healthcare. I understand that if I enroll in a payment plan, the monthly payments will be taken automatically at 30 day intervals from the payment source I used at enrollment.

While I can complete the course at my own pace, I understand that the exam voucher and certification will not be issued until full tuition amount has been paid and course has been completed.

MAAP Healthcare has a limited amount of seats available for each course at any given time. I understand that if I choose to make monthly payments, it is required to make a payment every 30 days in order to not risk losing my access and/or online seat. If a payment is more than 10 days past due, access to the learning platform will be disabled until the required monthly payment is submitted. If the delinquency exceeds 20 days past due, access to the learning platform will be terminated. I understand that I can re-instate course access only by paying the remaining course balance in full. If access is terminated, students wishing to be re-instated will be placed on a waiting list and available seats are given on a first come, first serve basis.

To maintain a good standing in the course, I am expected to adhere to MAAP Healthcare’s expectations of high levels of professionalism, integrity and ethical behavior. MAAP Healthcare students shall maintain the highest standard of personal and professional conduct. Students shall respect their coaches, instructors, and MAAP Healthcare staff.

I will use only legal and ethical means in all professional dealings and shall refuse to cooperate with, or condone by silence, the actions of those who engage in fraudulent, deceptive or illegal acts.

I will respect and adhere to the laws and regulations of the land.

Failure to adhere to these ethical standards, as determined by MAAP Healthcare, may result in removal from a MAAP Healthcare online course (and may also result in the loss of membership with AAPC). If I am removed from a course, I may submit a written or verbal appeal to MAAP Healthcare for re-entry into the course.

I understand that MAAP Healthcare does not participate in job placement and that completion of an online course or certification does not guarantee job placement.

By purchasing any online course, I hereby attest that the information I have submitted to MAAP Healthcare is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge, and hereby agree to the terms and conditions of MAAP Healthcare as stated herein. No other prior agreement or conditions, verbal, written, or implied, will be honored.

I have read, understand, and agree to abide by all the provisions set forth in the foregoing enrollment agreement.

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