ConsultingQuality health care comes from maintaining complete and accurate clinical documentation throughout your medical records. The best way to improve your clinical documentation and the livelihood of your health care organization is through chart auditing. These services are necessary to determine the areas within your organization that need improvement.

To help you determine the potential areas of deficiency within your medical records, we perform a chart audit and make the appropriate recommendations to minimize audit risks and improve clinical documentation. Our offices on both the East and West coast are ready to help you protect your health care organization from unnecessary risks through our chart auditing and physician education services.

We understand that each organization is unique and has unique needs, and we use our expertise to give you a detailed and thorough review tailored to your organization. Whether you are looking to protect against fraudulent claims and billing activity or determine any outliers, we provide the services you need to feel safe and prepared as well as financially sound.


The goals of an audit is to identify any areas that need operational and/or documentation improvement, education, or capturing of potential missed revenue. Chart audits target and assess procedural and diagnosis code selection as it is depicted through physician documentation. Once the weak areas of documentation are revealed through an audit, we then present the audit findings with recommendations for improvement.

We offer chart auditing services to a range of healthcare organizations. Specifically, this process is designed to evaluate medical records to identify any areas of risk by comparing documented diagnoses and procedures to billed diagnoses and procedures. Our team understands how the coding process affects the revenue cycle, which is why we utilize a comprehensive approach for all of your organization’s precise needs.


Our team has many years of experience analyzing provider records and appropriately capturing risk adjusted diagnoses which ultimately affects the patient’s overall risk score. Through chart review and provider education we can help your organization accurately report risk adjustment coding which is critical for outcome based medicine.


We provide comprehensive education to facilitate the understanding of evaluation and management documentation guidelines.  We also can provide education for specialty specific coding based on your organization’s exact needs.


We can assist with ICD-10 coding instruction to minimize the utilization of unspecified or incorrect codes.


Claim denials can come from a myriad of issues and they can take time, resources, and money to resolve.  Whatever your reason, our specialized MAAP Healthcare team will be there to assist with claim denials, correct coding requirements, and analysis of practice management billing systems.

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